Lunch Menu: 11,20€

Saturday Lunch Menu: 14,80€


Menu with deserts, drinks and bread

The menu


Menu with traditional catalan dishes



Xatonada ((escarole, anchovies, grinned codfish, tuna with romesco sauce)
Seasonal (lettuce, escarole, onion, tomato and olives)
Catalan (mixed with, lettuce and mayonnaise)
Pepper  “escalivado” with codfish and “Dead” onion

Cold Starters

Escalivada (plain red pepper and aubergine /eggplant with olive oil)
Esqueixada (codfish, onion, grated tomato and olives)
Empedrat (dry beans mixed with codfish)
Plat of pates
Griled corned
Plate of mixed cold meat
Plate of mixted cheese


Garlic (Between October to March)
Meat balls (Between November a February)
Gazpatcho (Cold Vegetables Soup)
Onion (Between October to March)

Toasted Bread

Fuet (Smoked Sausage)
Salted Country (cured ham)
Iberic (Cured mountain ham)
Red pepper and aubergine /eggplant with anchovies

Elaborated dishes

Smalls red pepper stuffed with codfish
Meat Balls with Sepia
Roast beaf with mashed apple and “Allioli” With honey Sauce 
Pig Trotters with snails
Pig Trotters with shrimps
Steak tartar
Duck with vermouth sauce
Ox Carpaccio
Marinated Salmon
Codfish oven cooked
Codfish with ratatouille
Codfish with mayonnaise and “Allioli”
Sea bass with potatoes 


Grilled Chicken cooked in charcoal
Grilled Rabbit cooked in charcoal
Pork Loin
Catalan Pork Sausage
Black Catalan Sausage
Fatty Salt Pork
Onion Pork Sausage
Pork Cheek
Grilled Veal Steak
Grilled Ox Steak
Barbecued Steak
Sirloin Filet Steak
Pork skewer cooked in charcoal
Kidney Lamb
Lamb Gizzard
Breaded Kid
Fattened animal steak
Sirloin of Ox with sauce of “ceps”(mushrooms)
Sirloin of Ox with sauce of “foie”

Side Plates

Bread with Spread Tomatoe
Plate of beans
Plate of frite potates. 

Entrants calents

Grilled aubergine/eggplant with goat cheese and green olive oil
Vegetables to the ember
Batter dipped camembert cheese with tomato Jam salad
Warm salad with broad beans and shrimps
Grilled Snails
Snails in hot sauce
Tartlet of escalivada with “foie” caramelized
Potato stuffed with ceps (mushrooms) and “foie”


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